I am here for you, know that your behavioral health is just as important
as your physical health. Life is a cycle of ups and downs, and
sometimes we just need somebody to take the journey with us to
help navigate. Do not deny yourself the opportunity to be mentally
and spiritually free!

Doctorate of Social Work
Capella University, Degree Anticipated, December 2017

Masters of Arts in Christian Ministries (M.A.C.M.)
Malone College, 2004

Masters of Science in Social Administration (M.S.W.)
Case Western Reserve University, 1998

Bachelor of Science in Social Work (B.S.W.)
South Carolina State University, 1997
Cum Laude Distinction

Over the past nineteen years, Ms. LaQuetta Solomon has provided exemplary mental and behavioral health services on every level of care, including inpatient psychiatric therapeutic services, outpatient therapy, family preservation services, clinical case management, school social work, hospital social work, forensic social work, faith-based initiatives, consultation, and administration at New York/Ohio agencies and organizations.

As the founder of Elev8ted Perspectives, Ms. Solomon, along with the practice’s staff, utilizes an eclectic and holistic approach to assist clients in regaining and obtaining mental and emotional stability. Ms. Solomon is specifically passionate about treating those who are experiencing mood disorders, cultural, marital, and anxiety-driven issues, substance abuse disorders, as well as those who need grief counseling, family therapy, and faith-based counseling. Ms. Solomon utilizes formal psychotherapeutic interventions such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy, and rational-emotive therapy as part of the counseling practice’s methods for treating its patients. Additionally, with a background in spirituality, Ms. Solomon offers support and guidance to those who struggle with their faith in light of their emotional distress.

As an experienced and sought after consultant and trainer, Ms. Solomon has developed curricula and facilitated workshops on topics such as mental health and the church, emotional healing, bridging the gap between mental health and spirituality, implementing social work practice techniques, crisis intervention, program planning and evaluation, women’s issues, the homeless, and relationship issues. She also serves as a consultant for clergy across New York on parishioner mental health and substance abuse issues.

As a dynamic public speaker, she has a gift for engaging audiences of diverse backgrounds, both in large or small forums and of varying ages.

Ms. LaQuetta Solomon’s commitment and motivation to bring healing to the hurting, and restoration to the suffering through assisting individuals to believe and be hopeful provides the foundation needed to ELEV8TE the Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit!

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